3 Traits of a Top-Notch Garage

03/16/2019 Leave a comment Household

It’s easy to overlook upgrading your garage. After all, you park your car there, you leave for the day, and it just simply works. However, just a few simple upgrades can take your garage from ordinary to extraordinary. Not only can you benefit as you go through your everyday life, but if you ever decide to sell your home then a beautiful garage is going to be extremely desirable for any potential buyers. These three updates will put your garage a step above the rest.

Epoxy Floors

The standard flooring in garages across the country is the bare concrete that was poured when the foundation was put in place. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this – it’s free (with the cost of the garage), it looks relatively unoffensive, and it’s a breeze to clean (with some exceptions, more on that in a second). That said, have you ever considered how much an upgraded floor could bring your garage a much needed face lift?

These days you can have an epoxy coating put down for a relatively affordable price. Not only do these floors look great, but they are incredibly durable. They will also protect your floor from oil stains, which porous concrete would absorb to hang around for years. For the price you’ll pay for installation (which is also fairly easy by the way) you won’t be upset with the upgrade. Find some contractors that specialize with this type of flooring in your area and get moving today.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Everything these days is smart – smart phone, smart watch, smart TV, smart refrigerator, you name it. Why not get a smart garage door opener too? These devices are often WiFi enabled, and they can come programmable with all sorts of unthinkable features that you wouldn’t have considered. And why would you? Garage doors have worked as simple devices for decades, and no one ever complained.

As with the iPhone, once you’ve had a smart garage door opener you’d be complaining if it were taken away.

Compact Shelving Units

Let’s face it, we have a bit more stored in our garages than our cars. Can you blame us? In a world full of stuff your garage is the perfect place to keep it. It’s an absolute pity when your garage looks like something from the show Hoarders, and if you don’t stay on top of your organization habits you’ll be on the fast track to starring in the next episode.

Compact shelving units can give you so much space to organize all of your belongings, so that you look neat and tidy when your family comes over. They’ll find other things to criticize you about, sure. But it won’t be a disorderly garage. The best part? Shelving is cheap, and I mean dirt cheap. For the bottom dollar, you can get units from Home Depot or Ikea that will certainly suit your needs. If you’re cool with parting with a little bit more coin, there are even companies who specialize in garage shelving.

Now that you’ve read through, wouldn’t you agree? It doesn’t take much to take you garage to the next level, and if you take the time to make it happen it’s almost certainly going to be worth it. Next time you have a free minute (does that ever happen?), consider throwing it towards improving your garage. You’ll be happy you did!