What is the one thing that all of your favorite sites on the web have in common? Perhaps to get a truly revealing answer to such a question, it helps to examine your motives for surfing the web in the first place. Are you online daily to shop? To visit with family and friends? Or to find good answers to the questions that interest you on a daily basis?

The answer is probably some combination of all of the above. And this is exactly why we have established the North End Caffe. This is your place to find a little bit of everything.

The North End Caffe is your place to post all of your thoughts on home and family issues. What’s your favorite cup of coffee and how do you make it? How do you cope with incessant demands from your spouse and children? What makes your days worth living? These are questions that we ask ourselves and others from time to time. Finally, there’s a place where we can all compare notes and learn from each other.

Maybe the best gift that the web has given us is the ability to not only store massive amounts of information but also profit from it. The North End Caffe can become the place where you get all of your latest info on coffee along with the life hacks you need to get safely and joyfully through your day.

But it doesn’t begin and end with the content you find on this site. To build a truly interactive experience, we require your input. Feel free to chime in with your questions, comments, and suggestions on how to improve the info you find on this site. Together we can make the North End Caffe a true resource of life changing tips and tricks.